Viet Van Tran

titolo: Story of Chau 01
Le Minh Chau was born in 1991 in Viet Nam, who affected by Agent Orange, consequences of the US-Vietnam war. Chau's limbs have been atrophying, he has been moving with 2 knees and his hand can not keep things for too long. Chau's parents could not afford to raise him, so they sent him to Hoa Binh village (Center for caring for children with disabilities) in Ho Chi Minh City, when he was 6 months. At 16 years old, Chau left the village to live on his own. Chau came to Art overcoming the difficult situation. He borrowed money to rent a small room and started painting. The money Chau earned from selling paintings helping him paying rent and buying necessary items. Chau also has been teaching drawing for children, two and three times a week. Chau also participates in many charitable activities. His life style inspires many Vietnamese people, especially young people. Chau was protagonist of the film "Chau, beyond the lines" by American director Courtney Marsh, top 5 nominations for "Best short film Oscar" in 2016. He was the first person with disabilities in Vietnam was invited participating 9th session "Convention on the Rights of People with Disability" of the United Nations at New York in June 2016. Chau has had some solo painting exhibitions in Japan, France and the United States. Later this year, Chau will go to America to study fashion. Chau was a victim of the US-Vietnam War but now he like going to the United States to study- a symbol of wound healing in the past. “Story of Chau” is on-going project…
titolo: Story of Chau 02
He can painting by hand and mouth but he preferring by mouth because his hands have been weaking.
titolo: Story of Chau 04
Chau moves using his knees which created many scratches.
titolo: Story of Chau 06
Chau is a funny teacher but also strict one.
titolo: Story of Chau 08
Relaxing moment in a Mexico bar near by his home.
titolo: Story of Chau 09
Chau often goes to charity trips to support poor provinces.
titolo: Story of Chau 10
Every night, Chau chat with his girlfriend who is a photo retouch
titolo: Story of Chau 14
When he was tired, Chau liked to release into the water.
titolo: Story of Chau 15
“Chau beyond the lines”.
titolo: Story of Chau 17
Today is a new day.