Max Moldau

titolo: Eye Tell You
This photograph is a homage to all the imaginary movies in our heads and to the disappearing world of monochrome dreams. In German is daydreaming called "Kopfkino", which literally translates to "head cinema“, the cinema of the mind. Besides scientists suppose that the black-and-white photography, movies and television made the world for almost a century dream in monochrome. A phenomenon that is about to disappear.
titolo: Haunting Dream
It was getting dark on the road to the subconscious mind. With no driving licence, what a ride. A haunting dream hit the windshield.
titolo: Damn, Where is My Car?
"..facciamocela a piedi questa storia.." Lucid Dreams. Monochrome Dreams. All Those Too Many Cars. On The Road To The Subconsious Mind.
titolo: Dark Side of the Moon
Depicting my reflection in an old round mirror this self-portrait is an allegory of the Moon, here the Half Moon, that also never shows itself to us fully. It illustrates the mystery i am to myself and to the other. It´s also a homage to all the imaginary loves.
titolo: Traces
Where have all the people gone? All the others i shall not meet?
titolo: Rebirth of the Blue Planet
Do you see what i see? asked the little prince.
titolo: Eagle
Sometimes i imagine to be all i wish to be.
titolo: Mermaid
This photograph is a part of the series "Imagine colours", a homage to the disappearing monochrome dream world, to dreams and to all the imaginary movies in our heads. It´s called "Mermaid".
titolo: Moony
There are things one has to do that let one feel like "there must be more to life". One of those is in my case still dishwashing. In these moments i get "moony", i daydream and travel in my mind to parallel universes.
titolo: Virtual Audience
All the imagined and imaginary others. This photograph is about the strange existence one lives in the virtuality, the coolness, the observing modus one has there, the audience one hopes to find in there.